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Get trained to help others who struggle with pornography with this 12-lesson Online Course!

Pure Mind Online is ECSTATIC that we are able to offer you our new Accountability Partner Training online course!

If you want to help someone to be FREE FROM PORNOGRAPHY, then this video series is designed for you. 

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"I know that even those of us who love God and True Parents and want so desperately ​​​​​​​to build CIG struggle with pornography."
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This self-led course is for you if:

  • You are a parent
  • You are working on Tribal Messiahship
  • You are a Pastor, Youth Pastor, or leader of any age group
  • Have friends and family members whom you care about and would like to help become free from pornography
  • You are considering becoming a Sexual Ingrity Mentor
“If we had had champions of sexual integrity moving the hearts of young leaders back in 2000, the landscape of the toxic invasion of pornography into our church's youth ​​​​​​​could have been mitigated. ”
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John Williams: Your Guide

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John Williams is the Director of the Blessed Marriage Project, a grassroots non-profit that sponsors marriage enrichment retreats for Blessed couples. He also directs Pure Mind Online, its sexual integrity ministry for those dealing with unwanted sexual habits. 

John is a licensed Mental Health Counselor who has worked in the addictions field. He has been trained in Sexual Integrity Mentoring and conducts a weekly group for Unificationists. 

He has a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling, and has worked for years with couples seeking to improve their relationship. He helped develop the Blessing workshops and is a consultant to the national Blessing and Family Ministry. 

In addition, John graduated from the Unification Theological Seminary and helped create a Unification Principle lecture series used worldwide. He is also the co-author of Educating for True Love: Explaining Sun Myung Moon’s Teaching on Morality, Family and Society (2006). 
John and his wife Cathy were Blessed in marriage in 1982 and live in New Jersey. They have an adult Blessed daughter living in Washington.

The 12 Lessons Included in the Course:

Lesson One: On Accountability
What exactly is accountability anyway? Better yet, what is good accountability?

Lesson Two: Guide Along Side
How to collaborate and keep the person you are holding accountable in the driver's seat. 

Lesson Three: On Addiction 
Basic concepts helpful to know when helping anyone with a compulsive habit.    

Lesson Four: On Recovery
Know what to expect. Useful information on how people change. 

Lesson Five: Becoming Non-Judgemental
How to keep an accepting attitude when working with such a challenging issue.

Lesson Six: Listening Skills
It is vital for people to empty out fully before they can really receive the advice you have for them. Learn how to actively listen to what they are saying.

Lesson Seven: Asking Good Questions 
If you stimulate the right type of conversations, breakthroughts can happen. Learn how to ask the questions that elicit the deepest responses. 
Lesson Eight: Being Proactive 
How to help the person anticipate temptations and prepare for them.

Lesson Nine: How to Encourage
Part of helping someone to become liberated is to develop a positive feedback loop with them.

Lesson Ten: Getting Extra Help
Knowing your limits and where to turn when your person needs more than just you.

Lesson Eleven: Methods for Accountability
The merit of the age has afforded us many very useful tools to help the accountability process.

Lesson Twelve: Reaching Out
What if you struggle to ask others if they need help? It might be much easier than you think!

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We can't solve people's problems, but we can offer them opportunities to mature into the people they desire to be.