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“The opposite of addiction isn't sobriety, it's community”

This self-led course is for you if:

  • Want to feel equipped when helping somone overcome porn habit or addiction.
  • Have a heart for others.
  • Wish to become an accountability partner to someone.

This self-led course is NOT for you if:

  • Don't like speaking deeply with people.
  • Are addicted to pornography
  • Have no desire to use the content

"It's a blessing to be apart of somebody else's journey to recovery."
​​​​​​​~ David Young

What is an AP?

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What is a Pure Mind Online Trained Accountability Partner?

Athletes benefit from a coach’s objective feedback and someone to keep them accountable to their goals. In the same way, having someone to ask us about our progress and be alerted when we lapse back into unwanted habits can be a great help.

An Accountability Partner (AP) is like an external conscience. Just knowing that someone else would know what we are doing helps us to think twice about our choices. And it is good to have a person who knows our shortcomings and yet treats us with warmth, acceptance and respect.

Which topics do we cover in the 12 weeks?

Intro: Welcome to Accountability Partner Training

Lesson One: Understand Accountability 

​​​​​​​Two: Learn About Addiction

Lesson Three: Research Recovery

Lesson Four: Prepare Your Heart

Lesson Five: Orrient Toward Success

​​​​​​​Lesson Six: Listen

Lesson Seven: Collaborate 

Lesson Eight: Responding to Slips 

Lesson Nine: Options to Recommend 

Lesson Ten: Get Proactive

Lesson Eleven: Build a Team

Lesson Twelve: Offer Your Help

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Helping others to help themselves. 

What do I get for $7.99

  • 12 video lessons
  • Loads of bonuses, examples, extras  (PDFs, Video links, and more)
  • Access to the Pure Mind Team for any questions along the way
  • Access to our private AP Facebook Group
  • Join the team of Pure Mind trained Accountability Partners

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